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Done is better than perfect.

April 15, 2017


This is what Isaac keeps saying to me. Done is better than perfect. At this point, Isaac is basically my life coach and while he’s not smart enough to have coined this phrase (just kidding, he’s pretty smart I guess) it resonated with me as I’m working toward my goals. It will never be perfect but just getting it done however you can is really what matters.


If you look in my tiny bunk bed, you’ll see lots of quotes, words that inspire me, lists, and schedules. And right above my pillow are my immediate goals:


  • Read more

  • Get in shape

  • Pay off credit cards


I’m not done and it definitely hasn’t been perfect, but I’m getting there.



Read More: In Progress


I’m on my ninth book this contract. While I love reading, I’ve never been able to make it a priority. Remember when I said I was a workaholic in Orlando? I barely had time for laundry and a social life. Forget about keeping my eyes open to read. So many excuses... But here, there are much fewer distractions. No internet and Facebook. My phone doesn’t ring (because it’s perpetually on airplane mode). I can read for hours at a time, all the time. And that was unheard of for me on land.


Pay off credit cards: In Progress


Financial freedom is huge for me, as I assume it is for most people. Fortunately, I finished college without a single student loan. (Thanks to Florida Bright Futures and my parents.) But during my time at UCF, I racked up quite a bit of credit card debt. Never in my life have I had a job that gave me the opportunity to not only pay my bills on time, but to get ahead of them so that I can really attack my debt. Living on a ship is incredible in that we can save a lot of money since we live for free and eat for free. It is difficult to resist going off into every beautiful port but I’ve actually been quite good about saving my money and chipping away at these payments. If all continues to go to plan, I will be free of credit card debt next month. Next up, paying off my car loan.

Get in shape: In Progress


I just finished my first round of Kayla Itsines’ 12-week workout program called Bikini Body Guide. Anyone who knows me can attest that I’m not a gym person in the slightest. But for the last 12 weeks, I was in the gym five to six days a week. Who am I? It helps that the gym here is free to use and only an elevator ride away but when I decided that I wanted to make a change, it happened. All it took was sayings yes.


Did I do every single workout perfectly? Heck no. Within each circuit you’re supposed to go continuously for seven minutes. Toni and Missy know how often I would have to take a quick lap around the machines just to catch my breath. And my breaks between circuits where definitely more than the recommended 30 to 90 seconds. But guess what, I finished. Done is better than perfect. I’m noticeably stronger, I’m much happier with how I feel (and how I look) and I’m no longer afraid of burpees. I’m starting the program over this week and I’m so excited to see even more results.


Now that I know I'm capable of completing the workout program, I'll be adding better nutrition to my daily life to try and make better habits in that area. I'll let you know how it goes.


What have you guys been working on? Cheers to getting shit done, even if it's not perfect.

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