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An all year resolution

January 7, 2017

The beginning of a new year tends to call for reflection in hopes of becoming better versions of ourselves in the future. Everyone is happy and hopeful and we’re kissing and in love on the eve of a brand new beginning. 


My New Year’s Eve was one of the best yet. That day I hustled to Plaza de las Americas in San Juan where Julie helped me find the perfect sparkle dress for the occasion. After we did our normal routine of passenger drill and the Welcome Aboard show, it was time to celebrate. We started on the Royal Promenade where guests were packed below the bridge. We drank Moet and Chandon with the captain and danced with our singers who pumped up the crowd. Blue and white balloons poured down on us as the clock struck midnight and the party continued on the pool deck, up in the Blue Moon, and back deck at the crew bar.




It was lovely. No one was a drunken, sloppy mess (from what I could tell anyway) and everyone was saying hello and smiling and wishing each other well in the new year. And later, when reflecting on the night with Fred he said, “Why can’t people be like this all the time?” And I couldn’t agree more.


So, instead of sharing a list of my new year’s resolutions that I probably won’t keep, I urge everyone to remember how they felt on New Year’s Eve and bring those feelings of love and hope and reflection into every day of the year. 

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