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The Right Time: My First Post

July 30, 2016

I've thought about starting a blog for a while now but it never felt like the right time. Oh, the elusive "right time". It will never be the right time for anything. You just have to do it. 


I think what really propelled me to start is the exciting news that I've accepted a contract with Royal Caribbean to dance through the southern Caribbean. Between the amazing adventure that comes along with traveling, I figure I'll also have a lot more down time than usual. So here we go.

I'll be breaking everything down into categories of posts. Anyone who knows me knows that I love organization. So, here's what to expect if you dive further into my writings:


I'm a professional dancer so you'll see a lot of dance posts that deal with projects I'm a part of, work/life balance, my favorite classes and teachers, and probably a bunch of random thoughts I have on the subject. Beware: I can get really passionate about dance so don't be surprised if I go on a rant or two.


As a dancer, I use a lot of makeup, hair accessories, and other random items that are dancer-friendly. I'll be doing some product reviews and sharing some of my favorites that I use everyday.


Since staying in shape is also a big part of what I do, I want to post workouts for dancers that I've found helpful. On the ship, we are required to log hours in the gym so I'll be doing my best to actually enjoy my gym time. Any tips you have in this area, I'm all ears!


I love all things entertainment. Movies, music, theater, museums, paintings, really anything that brings people together. I can't wait to write critiques on anything new that comes my way and show off beautiful art that I'm sure I'll encounter.


Seeing the world has always been something I've yearned for and I can't believe it's becoming a reality. I'll be documenting my travels as I meet new people and discover new places.


And as I travel, we can't forget the food. My taste buds can't wait to try anything and everything I come across. Get ready for a ton of mouth-watering food photos. And because it's all about balance, I'll also include some nutrition tips that help me to not go overboard.


I'm sure you'll find miscellaneous nonsense here as well, because sometimes silliness prevails.


It will never be the right time to do something you've always wanted to do. But I hope you do it anyway. Adventure is out there. Come with!





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