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Kaylee is a freelance copywriter and professional dancer, currently living in Australia. Following her curiosity brought her to many extraordinary things, but never did she imagine ending up Down Under.


Growing up in South Florida, Kaylee started dancing at the ripe age of three, performing and competing around the U.S. with Dance FX in Sunrise. Her first taste of the professional dance world came as an Apprentice with Tremaine Dance Conventions under the direction of Joe Tremaine, Desiree Robbins, and Keri LaGrand.


But, even with her extensive background in dance, Kaylee wasn't sure if she was cut out for it beyond high school.


Kaylee moved to Orlando in the fall of 2010 to attend the University of Central Florida, where four years later she earned a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. But the dancing never stopped. Kaylee performed in and even once choreographed for, Theater UCF's Dance Concert each year, she was a founding member of Knights and Damsels Dance Company which is still around today, and she completed a Dance Performance minor in conjunction with her Bachelor's degree. It was during her studies at UCF that she started auditioning around town -- and the rest is history, as they say. 
Kaylee actually started her career as a character performer at SeaWorld Orlando (where she learned a lot), but her first professional dance gig was as a Candy Dancer in the Superstar Parade at Universal Orlando Resort. Hired as a sub, Kaylee worked her way up to eventually become a full-time dance captain. She spent four wonderful years dancing at Universal, an era full of cherished memories and lifelong friends.
In her last two semesters at UCF, Kaylee held a few marketing and public relations internships to really test the waters. The first was at CCH Marketing and Public Relations, the next at The Orlando Repertory Theater, and finally at ProductionHUB where she was offered a permanent position. It was during this time that Kaylee ultimately decided that she'd rather be dancing, quit her desk job, and committed to being a full-time dancer. 
Upon graduating from UCF in May 2014, Kaylee was still working at Universal as a Candy Dancer and later performed in the opening cast of Marilyn Monroe and the Diamond Bellas. Kaylee was also dancing at a popular dinner show on International Drive, Treasure Tavern and commuted to Tampa to perform at Busch Gardens in Fiends, Motor City Groove, and Kinetix. Eager to build her resume, Kaylee would travel up and down the east coast auditioning and networking. Then, an email she received in July of 2016 changed everything.
Kaylee was offered a contract on Adventure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean International and she'd be performing in three shows onboard while traveling throughout the Caribbean for most of the next year. From there, Kaylee saw an opportunity to start a blog, reigniting her love of words and writing.
She landed her first freelance writing job with Dance Spirit Magazine in January 2018 and that was when the curiosity for writing really took hold. But with dance still in the forefront of her mind, Kaylee wasn't quite ready to pivot completely.
After two amazing (but long) contracts on Adventure, Kaylee was ready to be on land again. Without much of a plan (but with a whole lot of anxiety), Kaylee hopped on a plane to Las Vegas and booked a contract with Vegas! The Show at Planet Hollywood. But a rough few months in Sin City made it clear that Vegas wasn't in the long term plan. By this time, she had been working on her freelance writing for a few months and realized, it was finally time for a break from dance.
Now, Kaylee lives in Brisbane with her partner and is a full-time copywriter, enjoying the independence it offers and all the new challenges it brings. Dance will always be a part of Kaylee, but being a dancer is no longer her identity or what defines her. Kaylee is a dancer, writer, friend, partner, daughter, sister, chef wannabe, extreme nerd, foreign expat, bookworm, and most importantly, a human.
Who knows where her curiosity might lead to next.